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The Bush Administration's Goal: Launching World War III PDF
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Established in Ireland 2003 : CANCER CARE (IRELAND) PDF

Killinick, Wexford, Ireland

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Our hands but God heals

Cancer is a complex problem and we need multi-approaches to achieve healing. The strategy is to heal from within while, at the same time, resolve some uncomfortable symptoms.
When you are told that you have no hope and to be prepared for your imminent death, we believe that there is still hope. We join you in this last battle of your life. We shall carry out our task in good faith and to the very best as humanly possible with no regards to material rewards, race, religion or social status.
  • We do not substitute medical doctors. We advise you to seek proper medical help.

  • In addition, we advocate the use of herbs, and take a holistic approach towards your healing.

  • We do not guarantee that the herbs can cure you of your cancer, but experiences of others showed that the herbs brought great relief and healing.

  • Healing can only come if you lead a healthy lifestyle, free of stress (physical and mental) and take proper food. Having peace of mind and to believe in God ?the Almighty Healer ?is just as important as taking herbs or medicine.  


Our herbs are prepared by Dr. Chris Teo,  Professor of Botany at University Science of  Malaysia.  Dr Chris Teo and his wife Ch'ng Beng Im-Teo are founders of Cancer Care Malaysia.

Dr. Chris Teo's Latest News Letter

Dr. David Hunt (left) with Prof.Chris Teo

A New Documentary - WE BECOME SILENT PDF

Exposes the Dangers of Free Trade and Codex

Narrated by
Dame Judi Dench 
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2003 NEWSFLASH ! Soda Raises Risk Of Broken Bones In Teen Girls: PDF

Teenage girls who guzzle soda more than triple their risk of breaking bones, according to a new study. The outlook is even worse for physically active girls - fractures among regular soda drinkers in this grope are five times as common, the report suggests. Study author, Grace Wyshak of Harvard Medical School doesn't delve into exactly how soda consumption weakens bone, but 'laboratory investigators have reported possible bone resorption from high levels of phosphorous intake', a key ingredient in soda. Dr. Neville golden, who wrote an accompanying editorial, told UPI that adolescent years are 'like your bone bank. You deposit your money in the bone bank, so to speak, and thereafter thereafter there is just a perpetual continued loss of bone. So th amount of bone deposited at the end of adolescence is critical'. Golden co-directs an eating-disorder centre at Schneider Children's Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, New York. The findings,which are based on 460 9th and 10th grade girls, are published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, an American Medical Asssociation journal.

Established In Ireland 2003: Thai Massage Schools PDF

We offer Traditional Thai Massage Therapy Training from the famous Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage and Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand. We use instructors from Wat Po School, Thailand to keep our training to the highest standard possible. We offer training every 3 months. Our intention is to have schools and students trained in Traditional Thai Massage Therapy throughout Europe, using this very effective form of therapy for Health, Healing and Relaxation.

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