Above Photo : (L to R) Dr. Joel Wallach
with Dr. David Hunt.

The Wexford Natural Healing Centre

Was established in 1990 by Dr. David J. Hunt Ph.D

M.F. Phys. Dip Ac. NES Certified Practitioner.  NLP Licensed Practitioner

Member of AFPA - Approved by VHI, Hibernian, Quinn, HSE and many other insurance companies.

Many visitors to his delightful healing centre, set in rural South-East Ireland, will testify to David's healing abilities and practical advice on healthy living.

Uniquely you can access here David's entire collection of notes compiled over many years of successful practice. They comprise advice on dietary and other natural treatments for many common ailments plus an ABC guide to healthy living.

The Centre has also just been apointed agents for Bio-Ultimate Blend, Bio-Cleanse and Ola Loa Nutritional Products - the most complete source of minerals and vitamins complex in the natural world. For the first time Irish visitors can now order these products on line - Click here for Dr. Kunin's interview about Ola Loa

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